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I never wanted to write on my experiences for 2 good reasons. One I thought my clients may not like it which is why I decided not mention the names or even show the horoscope of the client in this blogl. Two I thought I should delay it for another 10 years because I my experiences would get better. I decided to put 7 experiences in each Part. Experience 1. The power of astrological remedies. In the early 90s I had a different opinion about astrological remedies but today I know that it was the wrong one.

The reason was I studied science in school and college and everything had to be proved using scientific methods. Moreover I started by research in Astrology only during the year a year after my marriage. I still remember the excitement I had as I entered the exciting world of Vedic Astrology. I used to spend time trying to decipher the logic behind astrological remedies.

Were these remedies similar to the painkiller that is administered when a person goes through pain. The disease as we all know is not cured by the painkiller but that numbing effect buys enough time until the wound heals and the pain is gone. On the same lines, I thought that if a period is bad it is bad and that you have to simply cross that bad stretch somehow and until you do that you need a painkiller in the form of an astrological remedy.

The other doubt was what if the astrological remedies were not part of the original texts of the great sages who taught astrology in ancient India.

Maybe they were added by people who made the books later on. They perhaps did it for the sake of earning money by performing the remedies. Nevertheless I continued to suggest the remedies as per the suggestions found in the book titled Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra and today I never forget to thank God that I did.

I suggest that every who likes Astrology posses a copy of this book especially at home. Some good soul in your family may find it very useful. Volume 2 deals with the remedies that are to be done during a particular planetary period i. I just prescribed them without knowing how they worked. It is like the man in a medical shop giving medicines to the customers. Around the beginning of year I understood very well the logic behind the remedies that were suggested in the book and because I understood the real meaning I even added my own remedies that were based on the original thought.

From about 9 to 6 months prior to the December Tsunami that wiped off many homes on the seashore of Tamil Nadu I remember 3 clients who came for astrological counseling. These 3 people had later on something to do with the Tsunami and that is precisely why I am discussing this incident. In all the 3 horoscopes I found that they had the threat of death by drowning. It is called Jala Ganda danger through water and this may arise from various astrological combination. One famous combination is having the Moon in the 6th house in the horoscope.

I found that all the 3 clients apart from generally being exposed to the danger from water as indicated in their horoscope, they were also under the maraka period possibility of death. The afflicting planet was Saturn in all the 3 cases. Saturn rules number 8. I asked them to be careful on dates that total to 8.

On December 26, a date that totals to number 8 around 8 am I got a call from the father of one of of these 3 clients. This client was a youth in his early 20s. That morning all his friends came home and asked him to accompany them to the beach to play on the beach near a place called Mamallapuram which is just 60 kms away from Chennai City. He went with them. His father was crying over the phone and telling me about what has happened. He concluded negatively because his son was not picking up his mobile phone.

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I told him to calm down because " I kept consoling him this way and before hanging up the phone told him to call me back and share with me the good news that his son was safe and returning home. His friends told me later on that my client was the only one who went towards the sea while the others remained closer to the road. Then they saw the historic Tsunami wave. The young man did almost manage to run away from the clutches of the waves but in the last minute he was dragged back along with a few coconut trees and later when they found him unconscious they revived him using simple techniques.

His mobile phone was washed away. His father was overjoyed when he came back home safe and sound though he remained in a state of shock thinking about what may have happened. The 2nd client was an older man who was enjoying his life as a retired government official. They were looking at the enchanting sea for more than an hour and then suddenly the man decided to go back to their room. They both just about reached the 1st floor when they were shocked at the sight of the water rushing in and the water almost reached the 1st floor. Their new car was washed away further up the main road and they found it later filled with water and sand.

His son called me up and told me of about the incident. Both of us and his family members were glad that he performed the Mrityunjaya Japa Homa as prescribed in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra because his horoscope indicated danger through water and the man was in the sub period of a planet owning the maraka house death possibility house. The 3rd client was a middle aged man and on the fateful Tsunami day he was on the Marina Chennai the 2nd longest beach in the world. He later told me that he had gone to the beach on that day after nearly about 10 years.

I asked him why he chose to go on that December 26th He said in the early morning "I got an extraordinary desire to go to the beach". Of course by now you must have guessed it right that since this man also did the Mrityunjaya Japa Homa he must have escaped the tentacles of the powerful waves which is why he later told me about the incident.

What is surprising is that all the 3 clients were not used to going to the beach frequently. Then what was the reason that they all came close to the beach on that fateful day? That is a tough question if you do not know the Karma theory. I reasoned out that Karma will show a glimpse of what was to happen in case we change the final outcome by reaching out to God through the right astrological remedies. Otherwise we may not believe in the power of remedies and in God. Believe it or not. I am giving away this information because some money minded purohits in India take about Rs.

Who should do the Mrityunjaya Japa Homa? Any one who is under the rule of a planet owning the 2nd or the 7th house is to be considered as being under the threat of premature death. All such people should this homa Havan. This procedure involves offering certain materials into the sacrificial fire along with recitation of specific mantras by purohits. Planets occupying the 2nd and 7th house are also nominee Maraka Planet.

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Once a person is found to be under the threat, common sense should prevail. Apart from God and remedies, the person should be more careful while driving on highways and while being in places that are prone to accidents. He should give up dangerous sports like racing which is more prone to accidents. He should use the seat belt at all times or wear helmets when driving two-wheelers. Avoid non vegetarian food at least during such times because when your life is in danger you should not kill other creatures.

You are seeking extended life then why shorten the life of another? What is important is that you should not order for the killing of a chicken or goat for example. If the non vegetarian food reaches your plate without your desire then you may consume it. But avoid the desire to eat non vegetarian food. It is better to be a vegetarian at all times because there is so much of vegetarian food in this world.

Release birds, animals and fish kept in captivity. Do not have small aquariums at home. Do not keep birds caged. Save the life of an animal just before it is going to be butchered.

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Once you know the basic idea of such remedies you may invent your own remedies depending upon the environment you live in. The positive cosmic energies of the world will protect you once you start protecting the lives of others. The final death cannot be overcome.

Premature death can be overcome by the right action. Experience 2. This happened around This MBA client heard of me from his friend.

From the Desk of Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar

His friend told him " Dhilip, his approach to Astrology is unique and he is also a computer programmer. You will like him because he speaks English, is a post graduate in science and is modern because he uses a computer to cast a horoscope". So on one colder evening during the 3rd week of December he met me in my sq. During the consultation I told him that in his horoscope there were many indications that indicated he was unfit to be a business owner a businessman.

He looked at me as though I had made the worst blunder. He told me "Mr Dhilip, do you know my background. I did not hide my ignorance as I asked him innocently what that meant. He said that it was the dream place in India for an MBA aspirant. I replied "But the planets don't care about where you are from or what educational qualification you got. By the by are you into business? I have been in it for more than 4 years now".

I was alarmed. I said "please quickly wind up your business and find a good job and never again get back into business all through your life. You will be caught in vicious cycle of borrowing to pay back your loans". Later on I came to know that he refused to listen to what I said, rather what the planets said. The tough financiers went to his house and almost beat him up and broke a few things in his house.

They gave him an impossible deadline to pay back and seeing no other alternative he fled. As an MBA he was a great man. I heard of him from many others.

He was a man capable of making ordinary men into business giants. His project reports were excellent. He was full of ideas and innovation true his educational achievements from IIM A. But the knowledge of business did not work for him. Such is the power of Karma.


The planetary positions in his horoscope revealed it. Astrology is something that is not taught at IIMs. Think about the opposite situation. I know many business giants who have not gone to college due to their poor performance in school. They have no idea of the 4 Ps of Marketing or have never heard of Philip Kotler even once in their life time.

Until you find a good reason for all these contradictions in life you have no other option but to believe in the theory of Karma and planetary positions at birth time as seen in the horoscope. Experience 3. Dasha is a major ruling period of a planet while Bhukti a minor ruling period is a sub division of Dasha. There are always 9 sub periods within every major period. Each sub period is ruled by a different planet graha.

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This incident that I am going to narrate to you happened in I was sitting in front of a couple from Kerala - Gods own land. I told him the following things:. He replied, "After hearing so much from you, do you think I will do it. I told him not to forget or ignore my advice because Karma is very powerful. He came back after 3 years. I said "no, i hate such things, because only God is supreme". He then said, "Dhilip Sir, you are the greatest Astrologer in the world, because I am now bankrupt as you said".

I said "but the purpose of the consultation and Astrological wisdom is to somehow change the outcome, the future is always still in our hands". He failed to see the logic and kept repeating like a parrot, "everything happens as is written on my forehead or on the top of my head, and that is why I was not able to change the future".

When I asked him to tell me what happened, he said, "A rich man came forward and offered a big sum of money. He told us to give very low interest and said he will take it back after 3 years. I told my wife not to accept this offer and she told me just because a stupid Astrologer told you why should you give up such a fantastic offer.

The next day she after remembering my advice became afraid to receive the money whereas I was mentally ready. We started a business and here I am now bankrupt. Tell me what next". I told him there is nothing else except that the bad time was over and that he has to start afresh. I told him that I will always tell your story to others to prove the efficacy of Astrology. Experience 4. T his incident pertains to the very sensitive matter called Horoscope Matching. This is a wonderful and reliable branch of Astrology that allows the parents to find a good match for their children.

In India though it is the land of Astrology, the horoscope is rarely referred to by most people except for the purpose of Horoscope matching. In the year a man requested me to check out the compatibility between the horoscope of his sister and her future husband. I have my own computer program I am also a computer programmer having earlier worked with NIIT a leading computer institute that does the job well.

He was alarmed. I told him not to worry because there are thousand more possible suitors waiting for his dear sister. So I did not understand why he was so worried until he hesitantly told me the marriage was already fixed. I asked him to stop the marriage because the marriage will eventually fail. He said that is impossible because the advance for the marriage hall was paid up, the invitations have already been sent or given by his parents to most people and he told me to think about the pitiable state of his sister.

I then asked him, "Why did you come after fixing the marriage, horoscope matching is done only if you still retain the choice of selecting your spouse". After telling me how he found me out in the last minute, he asked me what was wrong with the compatibility. I said it is something about Mars Kuja Dosha. This planet is always associated with separation, divorce or even death of the spouse. He then requested me repeatedly to suggest some astrological remedies and other suggestions that will prevent divorce or death.

I said the only remedy is to stop the marriage. He said if that happens the life of my sister is doomed. After about 45 minutes of continuous pleading I yielded under pressure and told him, "Okay, I will give you a remedy, but it may not work all the time and there is no assurance for protection. Kuja Mars is the afflicting planet.

We are told that one can control the malefic effects of Mars by worshiping Lord Muruga Skanda on all Tuesdays the day of Mars by offering red clothes and red items Mars is red. The couple should together do this for lifetime. If they stop this remedy the malefic effects will appear again. He was a relieved man.

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He then asked me to change the last line in the horoscope matching report from "The Horoscopes do not match" to "The Horoscopes match well". This website is for people who are in the search of the journey of the soul. Events good or bad happening in your day to day life are just milestones of your soul. Astrology helps in identifying the purpose and the path of your soul. I found amazing answers in astrology and its a wonderful gift given by nature.

I am indebted to the teachers in Bharatiya Jyothisha Samsthan who have burnt their weekends teaching this subject. Living sages like Dr Krishna Kumar are an asset to Vedic astrology and the little knowledge I have on Karma is dedicated to him. I follow Mr. Kapiel Raj KRS! So what is the purpose of reading a horoscope? Its a natural App that universe has given us to trace our destiny in an easy way just like how you look at google maps to look at a direction that is convenient or find alternative routes if there is a block.

Again as per Parashara no astrologer can predict events properly - it is only Lord Brahma who has this power. So use astrologer just like how you use google maps to navigate in this journey called life and use your reasoning power and believe in yourself. Coming to remedies. People these days are blindly doing Homas and wearing Gems.

Pariharas are best done in person but when it is practically not possible, establish a connection through meditation when Parihara is done on your behalf through Sankalpa.