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Your Aquarius horoscope is accurate because it is divided into decans. A more supportive home life and harmonious relationships make it easier January 27 to February 3 – Mercury in your decan is one of the best.
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No worries. Maybe one partner had shallow requirements for a potential partner. Maybe another was too concerned with how the other person impacted their image rather than how they affected their heart and mind. Gemini couples are outgoing, fun-loving, and tend to compete for the spotlight in a sense. However, the ball in their court is that Geminis are naturally committed and loyal — and for a relationship that seems worth it, Gem couples will do anything to see it through. Geminis are going through difficult transits this year, mostly relating to work, organization and their roles in the community.

This means that it will be easy for them to want to put their relationship goals on the back burner.

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After going through tons of self-growth and discovery the year prior, will be about each partner rediscovering themselves in their relationship, and discovering that because they have changed, so too must their partnership. This is an amazing thing: true intentions will be revealed, and if your relationship is meant to work, it will. There will be no more second guessing or wondering. After years of self-work, each partner is now more themselves than ever… which means that their relationship will either be better, or worse, than before. Cancer relationships are the most grounded, honest and easily committed that there are.

Committed couples will see different sides to their partners, and the depth of their connection will be explored like never before. Leo couples embody fire and heat, with their relationship embodying the apex of summer love.

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Coming just after the grounded and homey Cancer couples, Leo couples tend to be strong-willed and, when at their best, complementary of one another. What matters now is that they learn to adjust to their new lives together, and realize that deep down, they are probably more themselves than ever before. Virgo couples are passionate and helpful, but can sometimes play the martyr to each other. Overall, they make for amazingly committed partners, but at times, their overthinking and worrying can ruin a perfectly good thing.

This is not a bad thing: it offers a chance for each person to get clear on their needs and wants. If they communicate them correctly, this can only stand to deepen and strengthen the relationship long-term.

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Maybe they want to start a business together. Libra relationships rule the zodiac as the most romantic, passionate partners. Overall, these partners are super loyal and amazingly fun to be with.

Whether they are interested in buying property, traveling, or even just strengthening their bond as a couple, they can do no wrong this year, with so many planets transiting to support their endeavors, especially if they have to do with creativity and finance. Scorpio relationships are fiery, passionate, and seedy all at the same time. However, this is the year that Scorpio couples realize that to really end up happy, they need to not only be willing to get hurt but also be able to put aside their unrealistic standards and accept another person for who they are.

Sagittarius couples are fun-loving, adventurous, but shy to commit and easy to be misled.

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They are soulful couples, but cover up the depth of their feelings for one another with dry humor and typically, over-socialization or even vices like drinking. Issues that have been pushed under the rug or, more likely, run from have to be addressed. Long-distance relationships either need to be moved together or end. Deep-seeded issues either need to be talked about or dissolved. Capricorn couples are romantic and emotional when alone, but serious and determined to the outside world. These couples will learn that their partner does not exist to save or fix them, rather, to be someone with whom life is enjoyed.

Cap couples will find authenticity and a new kind of connection by sloughing off all of the residue from their past. It will be a year that they totally rethink what it means to be in love and be a healthy, strong counterpart. Aquarius couples are energetic, innovative, interesting and always passionate about each other.

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However, they can often float off into their own little world, and struggle to maintain their other responsibilities when they are totally engulfed in another person. The Horoscope. Monthly Horoscope.

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