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Mercury in Virgo people are rarely flashy in their communication style, but they do thoroughly appreciate it when others acknowledge their brainpower.
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Virgo Nature

Mercury transiting your own sign is always a good feeling for you, Virgo, since Mercury is your ruling planet. Your communication abilities are outstanding for this couple of weeks, so write letters, articles, essays, job applications, love letters and anything else which needs to be said with impact and style. Be careful with social media during this transit, Libra.

Mercury Retrograde Effects by Sign -

Be careful with secrets too, because Mercury in Virgo energy exposes the finest details. On the plus side, this transit is excellent for dreamwork, journaling and self-understanding. Use it to figure out what really makes you happy deep inside. Think strategically, Scorpio. If you want to get to point B, you need to have a plan, even if that plan involves going via point C. This is a good couple of weeks for mapping out your route and for making step-by-step, one-by-one mini objectives to keep you on track.

Replace your normal wing-and-a-prayer approach with something carefully crafted and you might just see some real progress. If your words are careless or thoughtless, they may come back to haunt you. Speak with truth and honesty, Sagittarius, and speak to the highest principles you know, and then you can be sure that others will back you. When Mercury is in Virgo, your power lies in your ability to persuade.

Mercury Is Entering Virgo, So Start That Project Now

Expect a bumpy ride with your religion or faith during this couple of weeks, Capricorn. This uber-rational Mercury transit helps you to calm down emotions in difficult situation. In a power struggle, an illicit affair, an interpersonal row or a heated time at work, take a step back and think through your answers carefully. There is no need to act on the spur of the moment, Aquarius. This Mercury transit highlights your kindness and your compassion, Pisces, enabling you to speak up for the vulnerable and the unloved.

Learn the secrets the Universe mapped out for you at the moment of your birth. YouTube Videos Astrology Readings. Mercury is only in Virgo for a short time — until September 14, but during these two weeks the planetary energy ensures that you can make huge progress in finding practical solutions and creating constructive change. There is a downside to the Mercury in Virgo transit, and that can mean an obsession with the worst-case scenario, and a constant fretting over whether something is perfect or not.

Mercury in Virgo needs a structured learning environment and organized methods of study. They can learn a lot about their chosen profession, but may have difficulties absorbing all of the knowledge on a deep level.

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They don't see the point in learning something unless it has a practical use. They are resourceful. Mercury in Virgo is very protective about how they handle their every day affairs. They may get impatient with other people, have trouble telling people no, and complain that they get to do all the grunt work. Mercury in Virgo is logical, and may be critical of others.

They have good common sense. They may appear to lack confidence in themselves, which may or may not be true.


It is not uncommon for Virgo Mercury to hesitate before acting… not because they are afraid or unsure, but because they are double checking everything in their mind one last time. They may be thought of as picky, but in actuality they are concerned with accuracy and precision.

They are gifted with language and math, but may be shy or withdrawn. They are analytic and exercise good judgment.

Mercury in sign

Virgo Mercury is usually content to stay in the background and orchestrate things. They are so detail oriented that they may lose sight of the big picture. Despite this, they are good to have on hand during a crisis because they stay calm.

They won't lose their head to emotional displays. They are completely self-contained. Virgo Mercury has integrity. They may lose interest in projects that don't seem to have a purpose. Creatively, they stick to practical things. Others find they can relate well to what Virgo Mercury creates. They have a dry sense of humor, and notice things that other people miss.

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